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I'm an Amazon Junkie.  I do a lot of online shopping but I swear 90% of it comes from Amazon.  So I thought I'd update this space every once in awhile with some of my favorite picks.  Everything from books to beauty products to toys and outdoor...and everything in between.

If you're like me, then you tend to go to Amazon when you know exactly what you are looking for.  But lately, I've been doing a little more browsing and have come across some other cool stuff you may be missing.  So I wanted to point it out!

But first, since I'm a major bookworm (using Audible mostly because I'm a busy busy mama) I wanted to show my recent book faves.  All of these I loved and highly recommend!

These are a few of my favorite beauty picks from Amazon.  If you don't have a Clarisonic, you need one.  The cleanser is amazing as well.  And Batiste is the best dry shampoo there is in my opinon and it's cheap!  Plus, they make a brunette and a blonde version too that are tinted which is awesome.

I'm determined to have a dream backyard someday.  Sigh.  But here are some top picks to help with that.  And that little kid roller coaster thing?  Ah-ma-zing.  My kids have had the previous version of it for years and even at 8 and 10 they still play on it.  (Although now they ride into the pool to make it more exciting.  haha)

Amazon can be tricky with clothing.  Always check reviews before purchasing clothing items on there.  Unfortunately, many overseas companies steal pictures of other people's popular items and then try to replicate it for much cheaper.  You'll end up with something similar but most likely not exact.  And there is also a much greater risk of it falling apart, shrinking or arriving way too small because Asian sizing can be different than what we're used to.

But there are some that are great!  The following are all reputable sellers but you still need to make sure to read reviews and check size charts before buying! :)

I am on a mission to organize my life this year.  Or at least attempt it.  I started with my car because, if you're anything like and my family, it is so stinkin' easy to trash the car.  So we've now got some organization going on that has definitely helped lessen the chaos.  And the crap.

Last year, I decided to clean out my pantry. I took everything out, gave it a nice little facelift and even painted my pantry door a gorgeous blue. (Pantry Makeover HERE and Painted Doors project HERE.)

So I'm adding my favorite products from my pantry makeover in here as well as some other stuff I love including the BEST books to give you tips and inspiration to get started!

And these are just a random assortment of other fun stuff.  If you are wanting to start doing what I do in my Etsy shop, you'll need to start with a cutting machine!  I have the Silhouette Cameo and LOVE it.  So I linked it below.

I'll be updating my lists here frequently so be sure and check back often! And for other favorites, not on Amazon, be sure to check my sidebar on the desktop version of my blog.

Leave any questions in the comments!

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