Monday, July 10, 2017

Pinspiration Project #1 {Pantry Makeover}

Oh, I am so excited to share my little pantry makeover with you today!  It makes me so happy to have something organized in my house!  (There aren't all that many.)  

Y'all have to promise not to judge me though on my "before pantry."  I know it was a hot mess.  The kids are in and out of the pantry a lot and things just get shoved here and there and it ends up looking like a tornado went through it.  So embarrassing.

Also, I know my pictures are pretty crappy.  Our pantry is located in a dark part of the kitchen where there isn't much natural light.  So the only light comes from the light in the pantry.  Which leaves me with less than stellar pictures.  Womp womp.  :(

But here we go anyway!

I have linked most of the products I used at the bottom of the post for easy shopping if you decide to tackle your pantry too!  So just keep scrolling!

Here's how this started.

One night I was on Pinterest (when I should have been sleeping, of course!) and came across a super organized pantry.  #anddowntherabbitholeIfell

It was this one from

So pretty, right!?  Her pictures are so much better than mine, but let's just skip right past that, shall we?

Anyway, I was immediately taken in by all that organized loveliness so I searched Pinterest for more pantry makeover ideas.

This one from had me SWOONING.

I knew I HAD TO HAVE the glass containers for all my baking stuff that I use once a year.  And since I have a Silhouette machine for my business, making labels for everything would be a snap.  The white bins would be so helpful in keeping things grouped together in similar categories and would make checking to see what I needed to add to my grocery list so much easier.  This was looking like a project I could actually handle.

Sidenote:  I've tried putting our cereal in those cute, clear, skinny containers before like in the above picture.  They look so organized and pretty!  But they just didn't work for us.  When we would start running low on a certain cereal, I'd buy a new box.  But then when you go to refill the container, you just end up dumping new cereal on top of the old.  Which means the older (but not spoiled) cereal never really gets eaten and just starts to go stale.  So you either have to throw out perfectly good cereal and then refill the whole thing with the new stuff or try to hurry and eat it all to get to the bottom.  The containers also never held a full box, especially if there was still a little left in said container.  So you still end up with a cereal box.  Does this make sense?  It was just too much of a pain to keep up with for us.

I loved the gorgeous mint vinyl decals she added to the back wall of her pantry.  However...I knew how time-consuming it would be to cut and apply those and how much mint vinyl it would take so I used the inspiration and came up with my own idea.  

The shelves in our pantry were gross.  For starters, it's painted the dullest of dull shades of off-white.  But after being here for 10 years, the shelves are also covered in random stickiness, stains, etc.  I knew I wanted to cover all that mess with something cute since no amount of scrubbing was helping.

I decided to use decorative contact paper to make the shelves colorful and pretty instead of the back wall.  This was much less work and way less time-consuming.  I actually had some left from a project, so I applied it to see what I thought.  I didn't have nearly enough for the whole pantry so I searched Amazon for a while and found this one.  I knew it was the winner. 

I knew I had a plan now so the next weekend, I got to work.

My first job was to pull everything out of the pantry and toss anything that was expired or I didn't think I would ever actually use.  I tossed a lot of stuff.

After I made a giant mess on my kitchen counters with all that junk, I wiped down the shelves and vacuumed out the rest of the pantry floor.

With the contact paper, I just went for it.  I started at one end and laid it down in a straight line as best I could and tucked the excess hang off up under the shelf.  I couldn't do it all in one piece so I cut where I needed to and pieced it together.

See those nasty stains!?  Gross.

I got a little excited and did half of this shelf before I'd even cleaned out the whole pantry.  You can also see the original contact paper that I tried it out with.

After I got the contact paper on, I put the labels that I'd created on all my containers and re-filled the pantry in a much more organized way.

I found this metal dog food container at Home Goods several years ago.  The clear bin on the ground next to it holds all my leftover party supplies like paper plates, cups, napkins etc in varying themes.

That white bin next to the toaster holds all of our random condiments like ketchup and hot sauce packets and my favorite Chick-fil-A Polynesian sauce.  #heaven

I use a wire mesh magazine holder to help with canned soup organization and I love that the wire shelves give me a little more space.

Nice little snack station.

The Lazy Susans are from Ikea.

The outside of the pantry....yes, we used to lock it shut when the boys were little to keep them out of all the food.  ;)  I highly recommend it.  I also love that my pig sign matches the contact paper I used inside!

(UPDATE:  Check out our pantry door and back door makeovers HERE.  They are so pretty now!!_

If you go in the pantry to the left, there is a small storage area that is under our staircase where we store a few things but is mainly used for our tornado shelter!  And our dog's private space.  He' s an introvert.

So that's it!  The pantry no longer gives me heart palpitations every time I open the door.  I'm able to check quickly to see what we need to stock up on instead of having to search the whole pantry to make sure whatever it may be isn't hiding somewhere.

So one more time, here's the Before and After.

 And if you are wondering what that large white contraption is on the floor of the pantry, it is our NuWave oven and we LOVE this thing! I had to mention it. We saw it on an infomercial probably 7 or 8 years ago and we use it ALL THE TIME.  No need to pre-heat the oven to pop in some chicken nuggets or fish sticks...just put them in here and turn it on!  They come out crispy and perfect and in less time!  We also use it for reheating leftovers a lot as well.  I know I'm getting off topic but I had to mention it.  Ours is finally starting to show signs of it's age so we'll most likely have to get a new one soon.  I think ours might be considered vintage by this point.  ;)

And here are the products (below) that I used or something similar.  Many of these baskets are from years ago so I found something similar if I couldn't find the exact ones.

If I've missed something, ask me in the comments! Happy Organizing!  Hope this "inspired chick" has inspired you as well! ;) #cheesy

UPDATE:  Click over to this post to see how I painted my pantry and back door.  I LOVE them!!

(This blog, like almost all blogs, contains affiliate links.  At no cost to you, I may receive a small commission through items purchased through the above links.  Thank you so much for supporting my blog!!)



  1. Your pantry looks great!!!

  2. This post has inspired me to
    Get my pantry organized!!

    1. Yay! You should! It feels so good when it's all done!

  3. It looks GREAT!! I have several of the clear jars in my pantry and they really are awesome.

  4. Swooning over your pantry re-do! It is most def pin-worthy!

  5. I'm totally in love with your new pantry but I'm really marveling at the lock on the pantry! #brilliant. I need that for my boys. Especially the two year old who loves to climb up the pantry to get the peanut butter ;)

    1. It was the best at keeping them out when they were younger!! I would catch them climbing the shelves to get the good stuff so I knew we had to think of something! It made me crazy! Now they've figured out they can just drag a barstool over and unlock it. 😉 So it doesn't get used quite as much.

  6. I love how your pantry turned out. I love the labels too. What a great project!

  7. You totally inspired me to makeover my own pantry! I bought tons of bins and went st it yesterday and we'd to finish up


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