I am an Etsy fan, obviously.  And I love all my products in my shop.  BUT, there are a ton of other amazing shops out there and cool products.  And there are also a lot of other #makermams out there that I'd love to support.  So I thought I'd drop a little list of some of my favorite Etsy finds here, all in one place.

One hint:  PIN what you like so you can come back to your Pinterest page when you are ready to buy.  Or better yet, go to the actual listing and add it to your Favorites on Etsy!  There are so many great gift ideas on Etsy!

Click the link below each picture to take you to the shop listing.

I'm starting with this tumbler because y'all probably know (if you've ever seen the stuff in my Etsy shop) that I LOVE GLITTER.  I create my own unique glitter tumblers but these specific ones use an entirely different technique that I haven't had time to learn yet.  And I'm not sure I'll ever decide to.


Find them HERE and be sure to check out the whole shop for some gorgeous options.

And look at this gorgeous navy and gold!!

Find that one HERE.  Oh, how PRETTY!!

Lately, I've been on a mission to find a phone case/wallet/wristlet.  I drag along my purse to places like ball games because I need my keys, my phone, and my wallet so I found a few cute options so that I can just pop my phone out of my Loopy Case (die-hard fan of the Loopy) and slip it into the wallet case when I need to.

These are two of my favorites from Etsy.

This leather one is just gorgeous.  I love the vintage look and the bronze details.  It looks like an old journal. 

leather wallet case HERE

And if you want something brighter and funkier, this one is just beautiful!  The only thing that would make it perfect would be if it included a wristlet strap.  :(  But for something that beautiful, I could get over it.

The inside holds credit cards and cash as well.

paisley wallet case HERE

Joanna Gaines inspired earrings!!  I found these for just $15 on Etsy HERE.  So many colors to choose from but I snagged them in Chestnut.

Most Expensive Day Ever!  HERE.

All of these shirts are from the same shop HERE.
Great shop, soft tees and great quality.  Big fan!

How pretty are these for Bridesmaid gifts?  That lace detail is everything.  Find them HERE.

I keep coming back to these shelves.  I know I could make them myself in about 30 minutes but do I really want to??? Not really.  haha  Find them HERE.

Etsy has amazing planners!  I love THIS ONE.

This cover speaks to me.  Find it HERE.

Baseball Mama Tee

I love this cute hat.  Because blessed mamas tend to have dirty hair...a lot.  ;)  Find it HERE.

I'm so drawn to this gorgeous wreath!  HERE

And how pretty is this gold and opal necklace?  Only $22!  So cute for summer!

 Find them HERE.

And this tiny little mountain range is precious.

This shop has over 500 items and so many sweet, delicate little necklaces.  From tiny pineapples, palm trees, mermaid tails, pinecones, wine bottles, coffee cups, hearts, stars and so much more!  These would make great little gifts.  I love this shop!

This page will be updated frequently while I try to find the best way to share ALL my favorites!!  Feel free to pin things you like to save them or click the links and add them to your Favorites list on Etsy.  (That's the best way to keep up with all of them.)

And don't forget to check out my own Etsy shop HERE.  :)

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