Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Because Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh.

Ugh!!  This is so me!!!  With the blog, I tend to start writing my post the night before I publish it...somewhere around 9;30 maybe while I watch all my shows.  Which is basically whatever Bravo produced that day.  And if you've been following along, you know that I am not an early bird.  I'm a night owl (which I hate and it honestly makes me feel like a total slacker sometimes) and sometimes I don't finish posts until midnight--or later.  I get distracted, y'all.  

But also, I can be a bit of a perfectionist.  So when I saw the above quote on Pinterest the other day, I thought it should have just said "Amanda is a perfectionist with a procrastinator complex."  

Which brings me to why this post is kind of a cop-out.

So last night around 9:30, I started thinking about what I wanted to post today. I had no idea and wasn't exactly in the mood to think too hard.  And then I got distracted on Facebook with all my friends' vacay pics.  Which made me think of the I Mom So Hard girls and their hysterical swimsuit post that I'm sure you all saw.  It was EVERYWHERE because it was the funniest thing ever!!!  So I re-watched it for the hundredth time.  Have you seen it??  I'm going to post it below just in case.  I was dying!!  And Craig watched it and did some hard chuckling too.  ;)

Even if you've seen it, it is just as funny the second time around.  (Or 3rd or 4th...I tend to re-watch it when I need to relax after I've had to herd the kids to bed and had to physically force them into brushing their teeth.  Why are they always sooooo tiiiiirreeed when it's time to brush teeth?)

After watching THAT video again, I got even more distracted and pretty much fell down the rabbit hole.  I re-watched a ton of their videos including this one which is recent.

It's all about the humble mom brag except they keep it totally REAL with the Mimosa Brag.  This is absolutely me and I'm pretty sure I did this at the reunion this weekend when one of my relatives mentioned how well-behaved my kids were.  I couldn't help but throwing out a "Thanks! They definitely are....but you should see their other 'quirks'..."  (Let's just say that my oldest will most likely be seeing a Food Psychologist soon because of his aversion to trying ANY new food.  And when I say new food I mean basically all normal food.  Lord have mercy.  I am pulling my hair out just thinking about it.)

Anyway, enjoy this!!  You'll laugh, I promise!!

And then before I knew it, it was midnight and I'd watched like an hour of I Mom So Hard videos and also finished Below Deck and Southern Charm Savannah (that I record but still hate...why do I watch!?!) and was yawning, ready to call it a night and realized that my blog post was still empty.  But instead of just leaving it, I was inspired to share a little happy with yall!  (And yes, I tend to multitask 24/7.  I watch videos on Facebook while watching TV.  I make it work.  ;) )

So here is one more video that I seriously hope I've linked correctly and I hope will make you laugh.   (Please let me know if any of these don't work!)

Have a happy Wednesday!!  See you back here for Friday Favorites!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Waco Weekend Recap! {Part 2}

Hey everyone!  I'm back on a TUESDAY for once to recap the rest of our crazy fun Waco Weekend and Baker Family Reunion!! I am pretty much a Monday, Wednesday, Friday blogger so we'll see if I can swing 4 days of posts this week.  ;)

 Yesterday, I recapped the sightseeing part of our trip in Waco.  Highlights included dinner with some of the reunion crew, a visit to the Mammoth Monument and then the Silos!  I also shared my disappointment in our hotel.  Boo. (Find Part 1 here.)

Our whole reason for going to Waco was for a family reunion.  (The Bakers are his mom's side of the family).  Craig's uncle and aunt agreed to host (and plan) the reunion at their home right outside of Waco and it could not have been a more perfect setting.  They live on 5 acres of gorgeous land that includes an enormous front yard, a large stream, nature trails, a waterfall, a gorgeous pool, covered patio and to top it all off, they had a big bounce house and slide for the kids.  But I'll stop rambling and just show you.  ;)

Uncle Rusty made this awesome little pole with all the families and how each of us traveled to get there.  So clever, right?!

Totally idyllic, gorgeous and peaceful.  Actually, it was much more peaceful this time as opposed to last time.  ;)  The last time we were there was for Craig's cousin, Emily's wedding.  She was married under the big tree in the backyard and throughout the service, you could hear the neighbor's donkeys "hee-haw"ing at the most inappropriate time.  So funny and pretty memorable!  They don't have them anymore though.

When we got to the house on Friday afternoon after our sightseeing tour, the boys were quick to jump in that pool!

Don't let his face fool you!  It was about 100 degrees and that pool felt amazing!!

They also had a big time on the slide and bounce house.

We were still missing half the reunion guests so Friday afternoon and evening was spent hanging out with Craig's parents, Scarlet, Dalton, Rusty and Kathie and their daughter Emily, her husband and 2 gorgeous kiddos as well as their other daughter, Brandy and her daughter, Emma.

Uncle Rusty (aka Uncle Rah-Rah or Uncle Shiny) took everyone on their own private tour of the property in his golf cart.

And then he pushed the kids on this (slightly scary) swing!

Can you find him!?

At one point, I looked over at the glass door and saw baby Lincoln cheesin' away at me!  I am ALWAYS giddy when there is a baby around!

When it got dark, we caught some fireflies (or lightning bugs...there was a debate over what they are actually called).  We were all pretty into it!

And then Rusty caught a frog which peed all over Matthew's leg.  And as Rusty held it out so I could snap a pic it jumped straight for me and I shrieked and ran like a little girl.  Matthew chased it into the bushes and somehow it managed to pee on him again...?!  I didn't know frogs were big pee-ers. (For the record, I know nothing about frogs.)

After that, we wrapped up the night and headed back to our super tiny and cramped hotel room with a broken fridge.  ;)  (See Part One)

We slept in a little Saturday and made our way over to the house again around 11.  The rest of the group arrived that day and we quickly got started on what Craig's family calls the Holiday Horseshoe Happening.  This is a legit horseshoe tournament where we pair off and duke it out in a double elimination tournament whenever we have a big group of family members together.  The winner walks away with the plaque.  You're supposed to add your picture to the center and get your plate engraved.  

Craig and I have won this tournament almost every time we've played since we met.  We've had 4 wins in I think 6 tournaments.  (I can pull my weight in horseshoes, y'all!  It's not all him, I swear!)  This is the only picture I could find quickly of our win on Thanksgiving 2011.

Our picture is still in the plaque from our win the time before!

Our first win was in Green Bay when he was with the Packers and I was up from college visiting him along with his parents and other relatives.  It was so cold, we'd take our turn and then run back into the house until it was our turn to throw again.

This time we switched it up though and played a mini-version of cornhole instead.  We needed it to go quicker since it was so hot outside.  Unfortunately, my bean bag tossing skills are not up to par with my horseshoe skills.  I contributed absolutely nothing to our team and we lost before we even hit the quarterfinals.  #bummer

This was the only picture I took of the tournament!  

Other pics from the day....

Matthew with Arnie--a.k.a., the coolest dog EVER

Later that afternoon, cousin Cassie got us all together for a performance.  She does a little show for kids that involves music and instruments from all over the world.  The kids LOVED it and I think the adults did too!  The company is called Mystic Drumz and you can find them on Facebook.

After that, we all headed outside for a giant group shot. Emily is an amazing photographer (mostly weddings I think) and set up the tripod and timer on the camera so we could have a big picture.  

Unfortunately, I don't have any of those pictures to show yet but once I get them I'll add them in here.

On a side note, if you or anyone you know is in need of a wedding photographer based out of the Dallas area, check out Emily Chappell Photography here.  She has major skills, y'all! Crazy good.  You can also find her on Facebook here.  There's no way you'll be disappointed!!

After the group pic, we headed back inside for a little presentation Craig's mom put together on the family history.  She had SO MUCH stuff to look at and had it all laid out in the dining room.  She put so much hard work into everything.  I'm so mad I didn't take any pictures of all the memorabilia!  I was too busy looking over everything to even think of it.  But she had thick photo albums filled with letters her dad sent to his mom when he was in  WWII that I thought was really neat.  Plus newspaper clippings, awards, certificates, little gifts and presents given to her by her dad when he was overseas.  It was really cool.  Big props to Susie Nall!

Craig's dad graciously offered to hold up the family tree she created while she gave the presentation.  :)

 After the presentation, I helped Kathie set the table and we all enjoyed a delicious catered dinner of BBQ, beans, potato salad, homemade bread, and cole slaw.  #southernlivingindeed

Kathie made all these cute bottles for some pretty table decor.

After dinner, we watched the sunset while the kids ran around playing football in the front yard.

Then Uncle Rusty broke out some pretty awesome fireworks to end the night!  (Yes, this is the best picture I got because of all the humidity!)

We wrapped up the night looking for the cat that got spooked by the fireworks and after a fruitless search, we had to get back to the hotel.  (Not to worry.  The cat returned!)

The next morning, we all met for one last breakfast at Harold Waite Pancake & Steak before everyone headed home.  This place was crazy packed and very mom and pop.  The prices were awesome and the food was delicious!

They were cold.

And sweet Scarlet was exhausted.  I just love this girl and I'm so proud to be her aunt!

And finally, my very last picture of the trip.  Scarlet, Lee, Matthew, and Mason right before we all left.

I know sometimes people hear "family reunion" and groan.  But these Bakers are fun and we love being with them!  We really did have an amazing time and can't wait for the next reunion!

I do have one regret from the trip though and it is not driving by (at the very least) a friend of mine's new home which was just done for the next season of Fixer Upper!  (What?!)  I can't say much more about it I don't think but once it airs, I will definitely post about it!  We just never found a good time to get over there and she had family in town anyway.  Next time for sure!

So if you made it through that whole recap, then God bless you!  I know it was a lot. I definitely want this to be something my kids can look back on one day and remember though and I hope they appreciate it all.  I love that they'll be able to look back on the blog and remember so much more of their childhood this way.

Have a great day, friends and I hope to see you back tomorrow!

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Waco Weekend Recap! {Part 1}

Hey guys!!  Happy Monday!!  Hope everyone had a great Fathers Day Weekend!

We are back from a long weekend in Waco and we are all in that weird funk that comes from being away from your normal routine for awhile.  Everyone is exhausted, the house is a wreck, the laundry pile is enormous, we have no groceries and I found what looked like a science experiment gone horribly wrong growing in the stainless steel tumbler that held my Thrusday smoothie. If anyone wonders what happens to a smoothie that is left to sit out for 4 days, I'll save you the trouble and tell you that it is not pretty.  There was moldy fuzz involved.  #welcomehome

But back to the weekend.

Sometime last year, Craig's side of the family started talking about having a family reunion.  Craig's Uncle Rusty (aka, Uncle Rah Rah and/or Uncle Shiny) and his aunt Kathie volunteered to host this shindig and we were pretty happy to hear that!  Rusty and Kathie live in Waco (technically, Lorena) and they have THE PERFECT property for big family gatherings.  Plus, Waco is also the home of two of my favorite TV people ever--Chip and Joanna Gaines, of course! #fangirl

Waco is only 2.5 hours from Mckinney so it's not a long drive, thank goodness.  So on Thursday afternoon, after I finally got all my orders for the week shipped out, we packed up the car and got on the road!

(Snapped up a new pair of $12 aviators in Rose Gold at Nordstrom the other day.  I love how cheap these are and don't feel stressed when I sit on/scratch them up/lose them completely.)

We had reservations at the TownePlace Suites by Marriott in South Waco.  We picked this place for two reasons.  One, Craig's parents were already booked there so it would be easier for us all to stay in the same hotel.  And two, it had a full kitchen which we knew we wouldn't be using to cook but the full-size fridge was going to come in handy!

When we arrived, we were shocked at how TINY our room was but the boys were just excited to be at a hotel so we got over it.  (For awhile...)

The plan was to meet up with everyone who had arrived by that point at Salt Grass Steakhouse which was within walking distance from the hotel.  So we laid around the room until it was time to get ready.

When it was time to head over, the boys met up with cousin Scarlet! who is their FAVORITE  The cousins were so excited to be back together again!  Scarlet is Craig's brother's daughter.  They live in Prairieville, Louisiana so we don't get to see them that often.  But Scarlet usually comes with Craig's parents on Thanksgiving to our house and spends several days with us and they always pick up right where they left off.

The tall guy is Dalton, Craig's other nephew, and Scarlet's half-brother. :)

Craig and Uncle Rusty. 

After dinner, I took the three amigos down to the pool for a little night swimming.

And then they all came back to our room to hang out for a little bit before bedtime.  Scarlet was staying with Craig's parents in another room but if we had had more space, she'd have ended up with up us I'm sure!

Which brings me to our room...

We chose the room with 1 king bed and a sofa bed for the boys.  Based off the pictures we saw online, we were under the impression this would be plenty of room.  We were wrong.

Here's what we thought we were getting.

Looks nice and spacious, right?  Plenty of room for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Here's what reality looked like.

That fold out sofa was awful.  For starters, it wouldn't fold out all the way.  The bed was blocking it from going any further.  We asked the front desk about it and they told us to push the bed back against the wall as much as it would go.  But that wasn't the issue.  When Craig looked at it again, he realized one of the box springs under that giant mattress looked about 4 inches longer than the other.  They told us they didn't have any other Studio Kings and basically just shrugged it off.  We were tired so we made it work.  (I was hoping for maybe some kind of upgrade??  But I am way too passive to suggest that.  I really should have though.)

Problem number 2 was that the sofa bed was right up against the AC unit so whoever was sleeping there would freeze most of the night.  But as soon as the a/c would stop blowing, it would get really hot in there again until it was time for it to kick back on.  Sigh.  

And while I'm complaining, I'll throw in that those awful, fuzzy, cheap blankets hotels always have are the worst.  (The off white blanket in the picture is the one I'm talking about.)  And it was the only blanket they had for the pull out.  

Y'all, I promise I am not high maintenance by any means.  I am pretty laid back and easy and shrug off a lot of things.  I don't usually sweat the small stuff.  But don't mess with my sleep!!  Or the sleep of my kids!  ;)

The next day (Friday), the guys left early in one car for a golf game, so Craig's mom had mentioned wanting to take the kids to the Mammoth Museum/Monument and then I wanted to go visit the Silos!

Craig's mom (Susie), Matthew, Mason, Scarlet, Dalton and I climbed into my car and we headed to the mammoths.  We met up with Aunt Kathie and her daughter, Emily and Emily's two kiddos.

We had a tour guide and he told us a lot about the Columbian (not Woolly like I was thinking of) Mammoths that they had discovered buried there however many years ago.  (Listen, I didn't take notes.  So I may get some facts wrong.)

Here's what I do remember.  Columbian mammoths were bigger than Woolly Mammoths (the ones from Ice Age!) and they were named after Christopher Columbus.  And they found an actual camel buried right next to the mammoths.  So at one point, Texas had some type of camel.  Who knew!?

Now I'll just show you pictures because this is not school.  ;)

Mason got caught in mid-yawn.

This is Emily with her baby boy, Lincoln.

Top is Target (sold out) and earrings are Bauble Bar (here)

Overall, it was a neat experience.  It wasn't very crowded when we were there and that's always a plus.  If you want to check it out more, here's the website.  Tell them Amanda sent you!  (Ha!  Just kidding. Don't do that.  They'll have no idea what you're talking about.)

After the mammoths, it was time for the SILOS!!!  I was so excited to check this all out!  But I knew since it was a Friday during the summer, the place was going to be packed.  And I wasn't wrong.

Parking was really easy (and free!!).  We parked in the lot connected to the property.  It may have just been dumb luck that there was a spot open.

This was my first picture as we walked through the gates.  That line you see there was for sweet tea.

We walked in and I felt like I was on a movie set.  Susie had already been once and then we had 3 little kids who could really care less and then Dalton.  I'm not even sure Dalton has ever heard of Fixer Upper so I'm pretty sure this wasn't on his "must-see" list.

So basically, I knew that I was not going to get the whole experience I'd been wanting this time around.  It's hard to get fully pumped up about something when you have the feeling you are the only one who wants to be there.  

Once we got inside, it was hot, crowded and crazy.  Susie ended up taking the kids back outside so I could look around on my own for a little while.  (Bless her!)

But I found it really hard to focus and "shop".  When I am shopping, I like to browse, take my time, stand back and picture if something will look good in my house or not...I like to contemplate.  There was no contemplating here.  This picture doesn't even do it justice.  It was a lot more crowded than that once you get down there and start looking at everything.

I loved seeing Jimmy Don's signs!  I definitely found some inspiration for my own signs walking around the sign section. 


And Chip's Corner had a lot of cool stuff the men.

I ended up buying a pair of earrings at the little jewelry stand but that was it.  

I went back outside and we wanted to go to the bakery but of course, the line looked the line for Texas Giant at Six Flags in the dead of summer.  There was no way we could stand in the heat for that long without someone having a meltdown. (Pun intended.  haha) I was also dying to try the Gourmet Grilled Cheese food truck but the line was so long for that too.

So we played on the swings and snapped a few more pictures before heading back to the hotel.

He makes the most God-awful faces...

After we left the Silos, we headed back to the hotel to grab our swimsuits and things we'd need for the rest of the day at Rusty's.

This is also when I realized that our refrigerator in our room wasn't working.  All of our leftovers from Salt Grass were spoiled (and we had 3 full boxes of food).  So that made me a little upset.  Remember, having the fridge was one of the reasons why we chose this hotel in the first place!  The reception desk people were always really nice but the fridge did stay broken the whole time.  However, when Craig got back from his golf game, he saw the maintenance guy working on it and while he was there, they managed to fix the box springs so the sofa bed would work right.  So at least there was that.  :)  #silverlining

Tomorrow, I'll be back for the reunion recap. Rusty and Kathie's property is GORGEOUS and I fell all over myself gushing to him about how much I loved it.  We swam, played cornhole, took golf cart rides through the nature trails, shot fireworks, caught lighting bugs, played in the bounce house, watched cousin Cassie's "Mystic Drums" performance and got to hear a little presentation about the Baker family ancestors.  They totally nailed this reunion.  We all had an absolute blast.

So see you back here tomorrow!

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