Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Favorites #21. {7.28.17}

Hello Friday!!  I am so happy to see you!!

It is has been a very long week and unfortunately, it's not over yet.


I've been working myself to death all week to get all my Etsy orders sent out and although I have made MAJOR progress (I started at 91 and I'm down to 27), I'm still not done.  Double boo!  

This is what I want to be doing...

But I've got a few more days until I can even think about it.

Right now, I am waiting on a shipment of pink and multicolored confetti water bottles that was supposed to be here Wednesday but is now scheduled to be delivered today.  So if you ordered one of these (below), I promise they will be sent out as soon as humanly possible!

I've also been a sign makin' fool this week!  Here's a peek at just a few of the orders...

I have several more signs to make today and tomorrow but I can absolutely see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Thankfully, I enjoy what I do.  I know it sounds like I'm complaining but really, I'm just really looking forward to crossing some non-Etsy related projects off my to-do list.  I'm not good just sitting around, even when I can.  I need to be doing something all.the.time.  I blame my mother.  She's the same way.


The shop will reopen in early August, so I hope you'll "favorite" it on Etsy (here!) and come shop when it does!  Follow me on Instagram @thatinspiredchick and @amandanall for updates!

Today, I'm linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika as always for Friday Favorites!

Today's favorites are going to be short and sweet!

A couple of weeks ago, we had a fun Favorite Things party with our Sunday School girls and I scored this Pixi Glow Tonic.

I use it at least once a day (after cleansing and before moisturizing) and sometimes twice.  I've noticed my skin looking brighter and smoother in less than 2 weeks.  It's got great ratings on Amazon as well!  I have combination skin and I haven't had any irritation or peeling.  Just pretty skin!

(Nail color is OPI Shorts Story)

I've posted about these Kate Spade studs from the Anniversary Sale approximately 25 times in the past couple of week or so but they really are my new favorites. I bought them in "Jet" and "Clear/Silver" but I want to go back and snag them in a few more colors too.  They would make a great gift!!

Find them here in all colors!

I know I talked about this in my What's Up Wednesday post this week but it needs another mention.

The Real Housewives of NYC are my FAVORITE!!  I want them to be on vacation somewhere in every episode because they are just the best when they are all crammed into one house together.  (And I use the term "crammed" loosely considering their vacation homes are usually multi-million dollar mansions.)

A few things to note:  Why did Ramona get a chemical peel right before a beach vacation?!  I loved her look before she got on the helicopter.

Can you imagine what that guy is thinking??

And then Bethenny pleading with Ramona to behave herself on their tequila tasting trip made me tear up.  So much respect for Bethenny and her business.  #girlboss


This last favorite may be lame and I may have mentioned it in past Favorites before but here it is again. ;)

This is my favorite Summer drink from Sonic.  Large ice water with lemon and strawberry added in. It is obviously super low cal but still tastes like a treat!  Sonic is about 3 minutes from our house so when the boys want a little cold treat, it's our go-to!  I tried recreating it at home and it just wasn't the same.  They muddle their strawberries better than I do.  Is muddling strawberries the same thing as just squishing them with a fork?

For my Bonus not-so-favorite today, I didn't do a fashion fail.  Instead, I'm spotlighting my children.  Because Heaven knows they make me say "I can't even..." 100 times a day.  

Like when I went upstairs this week to see if Mason had folded his clothes and put them away yet.  The big laundry basket in the middle is full of clean clothes he was supposed to put away.  When I told him to clean up the mess, he started to pick up each article of clothing, sniff it, and toss it in the dirty clothes.

2 things here.  1) He gets the sniff test from me.  He's seen me do it a million times.  But 2) The sniff test was all for show.  He threw everything in the dirty clothes no matter how it smelled just so he wouldn't have to fold it and put it away.  I watched him for a full 30 seconds before I called him out and made him do it right.

He was less than thrilled that I caught on to him.

I know that some day I will miss his messy little self but RIGHT NOW, not so much.

Messy Mase is definitely my #icanteven this week.

Thank goodness he makes up for his messy self by being incredibly kind, sweet, funny, goofy and loving.  And a ton of other things. I just love him.  And his slightly less messy brother. ;)

Please tell me I'm not the only one, friends!!

Happy Friday, everyone!!  Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

Well, it's Wednesday, friends!

I haven't looked forward to a weekend as much as I am this one in a really long time!  This weekend starts the beginning of my vacation time from work and then we leave a little later in the week for the beach!!  I need a break in the worst way so I am super pumped.

But today is the monthly linkup with MelSheaffer and Shay where we share what we've been up to lately!  So here we go!

What we're eating this week:

Honestly?  Whatever we can find.  Fish sticks, sandwiches, mac n cheese, strawberries, salads, tacos, grilled chicken...  My kids and their neighbor friends play until almost dark every night during the summer, Craig always has sessions with his quarterbacks in the late afternoon through the evening and this week, I've been working on orders until 8 or 9 every night.  We pretty much remember to eat when our tummies start rumbling.  ;)

What I'm reminiscing about:

This popped up in my "On This Day" on Facebook yesterday...

Matthew and Mason in their little floaties!  This was 2012.

And this one was one of my favorite little memories!! I put this sleeveless shirt on 3-year-old Matthew and he was NOT having it!  His exact words were "No Mommy!  This shirt is BROKEN!!" as he started to try to take it off.  No sleeves = broken.  So stinkin' precious.

What I'm loving...

This is pretty much what Matthew is loving right now.

He has been a little obsessed with spiking up his hair lately and he loved how it looked right before he got in the shower last night.  He wanted a picture of it before it got all messed up. 

What I'm working on...

Finishing these orders!  39 left to go!  I think I sent out 8 or 9 of the water tracker bottles yesterday plus a ton of other bottles, tumblers and signs.  Weeding out all of the negative space is the most tedious part.

I've also been working on lots of glitter tumblers...

And finished up some cute signs!

My Etsy shop will reopen in early August, but you can go here to "Favorite" it and get a notification when it reopens!  You can also follow me on Instagram @thatinspiredchick and @amandanall.  

What I'm excited about...

Basically, the same thing I've been excited about all summer.  VACATION!  We always have to wait until the end of summer to take a real vacation because Craig works so many football camps all over the nation that it's just impossible to go any earlier.  But it's finally here!!  Unfortunately, that also means summer is almost over which is a huge bummer.  The next month is going to fly by.

This week I've been trying to do everything I can to get us prepared.  We go to the beach every year and every year I think of stuff I should get or do for the next year that would make things easier/better.  So this year, I've ordered The Beachcomber to help haul all the beach junk in and out from the beach every day.

 I also ordered a bigger canopy for our loooonnnnggg beach days.

And if y'all's families are anything like mine on a long car trip, you will appreciate my desire to keep things a little less chaotic in the backseat this time around.  There are always water bottles, tissues, chargers, ipads, books, coloring books, shoes, socks, snack wrappers all over the backseat...  It drives me CRAZY every time we stop and I have to open their doors.

So this year, I ordered these.  They were cheap (as in 2 for $13.99) so I'm not expecting them to last forever but I AM hoping they'll keep us a tad more organized during our 11-12 hour drive to Alabama and back again.  

You can find them here if you think they might work for you too!

What I'm watching/reading...

Right now, I'm reading The Luckiest Girl Alive as my "real" book and I am deciding on my next audiobook.  Since I am a Kristan Higgins fanatic now, I'm trying to figure out which one I should read next.  (It will be my 4th KH novel.) In case you missed my mid-summer book review, check it out here!  It has 14 books that you should definitely add to your list!!

My last audiobook was The Light We Lost and man, that is a hard book to review.  On one hand, it was well written and was a fantastic love story for the hopeless romantics.  On the other, it had me feeling completely...unsettled?  I think maybe that's the word I'm looking for.  

In the book, a couple meets on 9/11 and are bonded from then on.  The story goes on to talk about their relationship, their break up and their lives after the breakup.  They can't seem to get over each other even after a marriage.  And kids.  The end made me cry.  But at times I just wanted to scream at Lucy to get OVER it...he's just not that into you!!  But your sweet husband IS!  The other guy left you.  He chose WORK over you.  And then he comes back when it's convenient for him and all the drama starts.

I don't know how I felt about it all. The reviews are mixed (with mostly 4 and 5 stars though but the 1 and 2 reviews are passionate!)   It's clearly a good book.  But I just felt Lucy and Gabe were a little selfish.

But moving on to something fun and light-hearted...

I just finished re-watching the entire series of Parks and Recreation on Netflix and now I've moved on to The Mindy Project on Hulu.  When people ask what is so awesome about Parks and Rec, here's what I say.  It makes me happy.  It puts me in a good mood.  It takes away any stressors in my life and I just laugh.  I adore the characters and Leslie Knope is the funniest, coolest chick.  If you haven't tried to binge watch it, you should.  I'm so sad that it ended.  :(

I also love The Mindy Project in very similar ways.  Mindy's humor is very similar to Leslie Knope and both are similar to mine.  Or at least the humor that I find funny.  (I don't know if I'm funny in the slightest but I do know that I find these two chicks hilarious.)

I'm also watching The Real Housewives of New York which is bringing the drama this season!  

Dorinda in the little Italian restaurant a few weeks ago might have been my favorite episode of Real Housewives of anything EVER.  (The "Bronx Tale" episode.)  Girls!!  When she starts the whole "Clip! Clip! Clip!" thing...I was literally rolling around laughing.  

I love you, Dorinda.

I loved her even more when she forgot all of her luggage when they went skiing in Vermont.  And she said she needed to send an Uber to pick up her luggage and bring it to her. In Vermont.  From NEW YORK.  She made my day when we saw that she DID remember her mini disco ball though but forgot her panties.  I seriously love her.

And now they are all in Mexico in a giant house and watching Ramona and Sonja act like children fighting over who gets the best room just makes for the best television after a long day.  I am pretty pumped for tonight's episode.  These women are completely insane and I love them.

I'm also watching Big Brother.  In short, I think Josh needs to GO.  He has rubbed me the wrong way since Day 1.  More so than even Cody and Jessica.  (They are a very close second though although they have really grown on me this week while I've watched some of the live feeds.)

What I'm wearing...

Click here and here to check out all my favorite finds from the Nordstrom sale!  A lot of my goodies are for fall so I'm going to have to wait awhile before I can wear them.  But for now, I'm wearing these earrings on repeat!

I've got them in Jet and Clear/Silver.  Take advantage of the $13 off while you can!!

What I'm doing this weekend...

Once I finish these orders, I have plans to organize my work stuff in the garage.  (It's a mess of sawdust, random wood pieces, and power tools plus all the boys' stuff.)  It's time for a little garage makeover.

Basically, I am completely focused on finishing these orders so I can do #allthethings.  I have so much stuff on my to-do list.  I want to paint my pantry door and my back door.  Maybe black?  Maybe navy?  Maybe a light blue?  I don't know.  I do know that they are both white now (technically) with nothing but dirty handprints covering that white paint.  I'd also love to paint my island.  And finish our DIY built-ins.  I don't do well without a to-do list.  ;)

So that's it for Wednesday!  Hope you all have a great week!  See you back here (possibly) tomorrow but definitely for Friday Favorites.  I'm planning a jewelry DIY post but these orders are taking top priority right now so we'll see when I get that posted.  :)

Happy Hump Day, ladies!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekend Randomness.

Hi, friends!  Welcome back!  Did everyone have a good weekend??  We really did although we didn't do anything special.  (Unless getting my hair cut and colored qualifies?)

 Here's a look at how we spent the past few days...

Friday I worked like a mad woman trying to get as many orders done as possible so I can hopefully have several days before we leave for vacation to just relax.  I am happy to say that I am on track for just that!  I'm down to only 49 orders which may seem like a lot but I think I can probably have them all done by Saturday!  Whoop whoop!

In case you missed it on Friday, the shop is now closed for a few weeks but will reopen again in early August.  Be sure to "favorite" my shop on Etsy in order to get notified as soon as I open up!

After I finished working, I grabbed my book and read for a little while until Matthew came home from a friend's house and wanted to swim.  So I ditched the book, threw on my swimsuit and swam with him.  In what may be some amazing mom moments, I taught him how to spin himself so fast in the donut float that he feels like he's going to puke.  And how to throw one of those rocket pool toys through the water super fast.  Life lessons, I tell ya.  ;)

  It's so nice to get some one on one time with my boys.  They are basically attached at the hip so we don't get a lot of solo time.

By the way, I'm only a few pages into this book and so far it's got me thinking this chick is a little nuts and it's definitely edgier than my normal chick lit.  I'll be sure to share what I think when I'm finished!

Saturday was awesome.  For starters, a few of my Nordstrom orders arrived and I LOVED them!!!

I got this top in the sale for under $30 and it is SO soft!!!  The pictures don't even do it justice.  It comes in black or grey and will be so cute with a pretty scarf and jeans.  It just drapes so nicely in all the right places without being a bulky sweater.  

It can be dressed up with some accessories and cute boots or booties or dressed down with some easy slip ons. I may layer it over a little cami to give it a little more length but it's not necessary.

I feel like it's been overlooked in the sale a lot which is a good thing because it means they still have them available in all sizes (at this moment)!!  You won't regret this purchase!!  It's got the three 3 C's covered...cozy, cute and comfortable!  Find them here.

So I would have ordered the above shirt in black too but I ordered this one (below) as well which is so similar...  It's more expensive but it is just as amazing!!  The material is just SO SO SOFT!!  I don't know how else to say it.  It's like petting a really soft puppy.  But better.  Haha.  I don't know.  

You know when it's rainy and cold outside but you have to actually get dressed for the day?  This should be your go-to, girls!  Have I mentioned that how soft the material is yet??  ;)  And it's  also a little stretchy and has a good weight which makes it hang so nicely!  

I also love how the sleeves are a little longer.  It absolutely covers the 3 C's as well and I've already got a cute scarf picked out that I want to wear with it. Pair it with boots, booties, flats, colorful earrings...  you can't go wrong with this one!

Find it here.  Still available in all sizes too!

I ordered a small in both tops.

And oh how I love my earrings

These came in last week and as soon as I saw them I knew I needed them in at least one more color.  The above color is "jet" and they have dark blue and dark green flecks in them and are just so stinkin' sparkly!  The second color I ordered was the silver/clear ones and they are just as gorgeous.  Plus, they'll go with anything!

These would make a great gift for under $25 (normally $38!) and they come in several other colors.  You can find these here.

Saturday was also my hair appointment!  Y'all, I am the WORST at scheduling time to get my hair done.  My hair is naturally a medium blonde color and I get it highlighted a couple of times a year.  And when I say a couple, I seriously mean that I tend to wait 6 months between appointments.  Where does the time go?!  I really should get better about this.

The last time I had my hair done was in January!!  And every few years, I go a little crazy with my hair in the winter.  A few years ago, I went full on brunette. I was teaching preschool at the time and my sweet 3 year-olds didn't even recognize me when I came to school.  I don't think my boys were big fans either but I liked it!

This past January though, I got another one of those urges to switch things up. I'd always wanted to go red and since I have green eyes, I thought that would be a pretty combo.  So I did!

The problem with dyeing my hair is that it fades SO QUICKLY.  The above picture is the before and after from the salon.  (My ends were so dead and embarrassing.)

It faded pretty quickly but I liked how it did it so I just let it grow.

My split ends were off the charts though so I knew it was time to get back in the chair.

This time we went back to blonde and I love how it turned out!

I probably should have had her cut a couple more inches off.  I may go back.  But I haven't had my hair this long in years so I hate to cut it!  My mom used to tell me that getting my hair trimmed would make it grow faster.  And then I grew up and realized that my hair grows from the roots so that makes absolutely no sense.  ;)

When I got home from my hair appointment, Matthew was in full on swimmer's ear victim mode.  AGAIN.  We just dealt with this a few weeks ago and now it's back in the other ear.  I cannot stand to see him in so much pain so I'm hoping these drops kick in quick.  I've been researching all sorts of pain relieving remedies but so far not much has worked.  The pain tends to kick up between doses of Motrin/Tylenol/Advil so we just have to wait it out until it's time for another dose.  Bless his sweet little heart.

So Saturday night he slept with me and Craig and Mason slept upstairs.  He woke up once in the  middle of the night crying because it hurt so bad and it just about wrecked me too.  I would do anything to take on his pain.

Sunday morning came bright and early though and I let all the boys sleep in because I knew Matthew was in no condition to make it to church.

I, however, had nursery duty (yay!!!!) so I went alone.  And guess who I got to snuggle with for almost 3 hours?!  #youllprobablybejealous

This precious girl!!  

Erika dropped her off in the nursery while she taught the 3-year-old class across the hall and sweet Britt immediately laid back in my lap with a couple of toys to keep her occupied.  She wanted no part in being put down with the other babies which was fine by me, and I was more than happy to snuggle her.  I've been waiting for her to get nice and attached to her family (which she undoubtedly is!) before I could hold her so this was my first time and I mean... heaven, y'all.  This little girl got upset only once when we needed to change her diaper and I had to put her down to do it and even her little cry was adorable.  I got her all fixed up and she snuggled back in like this (above) for the duration.  

I was technically only supposed to be in there from 9:15-10:45 but there was no way I was leaving with this sweet baby asleep on my shoulder.  NO. WAY.  Miss B slept for awhile and then woke up, we played "ride a horsey" (which she thought was funny) and got a bottle.  I haven't changed a diaper, had a baby sleep on me or given anyone a bottle in I was in absolute baby heaven.  I didn't leave until Erika came to get her after the second service around noon.

I also want to add that big brother Nixon may have casually walked by the nursery a dozen times in 3 hours to check on his little sister.  ;)  Could that family be any cuter? #Idontseehow

After church, I stopped by Michaels on the way home to grab some more glitter and walked by the bead section.  I used to make jewelry before I ventured into my current business so I thought I might do a little DIY tutorial on how to make your own beaded bracelets this week!  It is SO EASY!  And the beads at Michaels are so can make the cutest bracelets to go in a stack or wear alone.  And for super cheap.  I used to make the EXACT bracelets I saw at Nordstrom.  It would cost me $6 to make the bracelet they had for $38.  Same beads and everything.  So stay tuned for that!

Craig left to play golf with the Sunday School guys around 3:00 so I took the time to reorganize my craft room (which is still a mess) and then later on, Mason and I climbed into bed to catch up on Big Brother.  Matthew started complaining about his ear hurting again so we put him to bed early.  :(

About Big Brother....

Does anyone else just DESPISE Josh?  When him and Mark got into it over the game of pool, I wanted to punch him the throat.  Seriously.  I think he has a really hard time admitting to any wrong doings. (Yes, Mark shouldn't have thrown whatever that was in his face.  I think he must feel the same way I do about Josh though so I gave him a pass on that.  You know he wanted to throat punch him.)

Josh.  You very clearly double tapped the ball which is a scratch in pool...apparently.  (I had no idea.)  But instead of owning it, you immediately started to deflect and got so defensive.  I'm sorry, Josh, but even I know you don't just do a "re-do" when you scratch in pool.  You lost.  End of story.  Quit being a big, giant baby and man-up.


And what is with him calling everyone a meatball?

I need him to go home.  I'm actually starting to like Cody and Jessica because of him. (What!?!)


Linking up with the Hello Monday girls!

Have a great day, y'all!

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